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medicine buddha

the healing mantra 

free download

Medicine Buddha seems appropriate for these healing times and this is the long Tibetan mantra for health and healing with music by Sarah Patterson.


Please chant with us, play it in you living room, dance with it and share with your friends and family,

Here is the mantra (phonetic):


Om Namo Bagavatay Bekhandzay

Guru Baidura Prabha Ratzaya Tatagataya Arhate Samyaksam Buddhaya,

Taiyata Om Bekhandzay Bekhandzay

Maha Beckhandzay Beckhandzay

Radza Samudgate Soha

Sarah Patterson - music, vocals, percussion


Stef Vink - piano


Gavin Frank, Mahrey Berthoud, Waskhar Schneider - vocals 

rainbow serpent

raising money for Australia forest recovery

Sarah Patterson and Jacinta Tobin recorded 'rainbow serpent' in the Blue Mountains, Australia many moons ago, recorded by John Kelly at night in his studio. It’s a testament to the power of dreaming, which seems so important these days.

The Aborigine words from Jacinta are Darug, as is the chorus chant they’re singing. The percussion is thigh slaps and boomerangs. Jacinta’s calls create a beautiful soundscape and Volker Kaczinski added the overtone chanting.


Words from Sarah: ‘Lying down inside a rock, eyes looking in, heart looking out, Rainbow Serpent colours ran, though my body and out my hands’.


Thanks to Evan Yanna Muru for his support. 

Mixing by Sarah and Volker.


Please feel free to download, share and make a donation to a charity of your choice to support the recovery of Australian habitat.

Thank you, Sarah

The Twelfth Tara

Free download for chanting

Om Tara Tutare Ture Mangalam,

Shri Maha Pani Svaha,

Chanting the mantra brings harmony to the seasons

and land in times of natural disaster. 

See for more information

about the 21 Taras.

Twelfth Tara, Tara Tashi Donje

Image of statue from

In These Hands

A Prayer to the Mother

Free Download

A Song of Grace, Trust and Surrender

Features Sarah’s beautiful song to Tara and Eileen O’Sullivan’s beautiful prayer in Irish to the Mother. 


Sarah Patterson - composition, vocals.


Eileen O’Sullivan - Prayer to the Mother.


Peter Mascher - viola,


Gabriella Strumpel - cello

Meditation journey for children 

Free Download

Visualisation read by Melody aged 9.


Featuring Chris Glassman on Guitar

Nandita's Dream

Free Download

Inside My Heart - also known as 'Nandita’s Song' featuring Grace Mooring, Black Umfolosi, Rainbow Children’s Choir


Love’s Vibration also known as 'What’s Your Dream?' featuring Sheema Mukherjee on sitar, Black Umfolosi, Sarah Patterson, Rainbow Children’s Choir

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