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the snow leopard

New album released Feb 2020!

Story songs and mantras from the meditation cave.


Sarah Patterson: Compositions with traditional mantras, Vocals, Taos Drum, Frame Drum, Whale Rattle, Bells, Harmonium, Guitar.

Shakya Matthias Grahe: Cello, Vocals, Guitar

Stefan Feike: Piano, Medicine Drum, Djembes, Bells

Volker Kazcinski: Bass flute, Djembe, Programming, Shakers

Waskhar Schneider: Kargyraa Chant, Gong

Produced and mixed by Sarah and Volker

Engineering and Mastering Volker

Graphic Design: Amy Behrens Clark


Exquisite vocals, beautiful music and instrumentation; a weaving of modern BuddhaSongs with traditional mantras.

This album is an invitation to reflect on our times and precious human experience, inspired by

the Tibetan tradition;

songs of meditation and enlightenment.


Sarah Patterson: Compositions, Vocals and Percussion

Gavin Frank, Martine Waltier, Mahrey Berthoud: Vocals

Waskhar Schneider: Vocals and Kargyraa Chant

Shakya Matthais Grahe: Cello and Vocals


Volker Kazcinski: Engineering and Flute


Phil Berthoud: Guitars

Artwork: Dorrie Joy

CD Design: Amy Behrens Clark

white tara

A listening practice, simple and profound.

Inspired by the Buddha White Tara, this beautiful CD weaves together new devotional chants, songs and music with traditional Tibetan mantras and prayers.


Sarah Patterson - vocals, compositions, Tibetan prayers, chant and mantra.


Eileen O’Sullivan - Tibetan prayers, mantra and chant, Irish prayer to the mother on track 5.

Gabriella Strumpel - Cello. Daniel Bruck Tabla.


Volker Kaczinski - Tibetan mantra and chant, flute, tambura, recording.


David Ellis - Tibetan chant, vocals.


Peter Mascher - Viola

Songs from Nandita's Dream

'Songs from Nandita’s Dream’ is a world music album featuring artists such as Black Umfolosi, Sheema Mukherjee and Sura Susso.


These are upbeat, lyrical songs, fun to sing and dance to. I wrote these songs to inspire and empower children and quickly found that adults love them too.


The essential theme is ‘What’s my dream for my life? - What’s my dream for the world’.

The album has 17 tracks and a digital download is available via the player. For a physical copy contact Sarah here.


Sarah Patterson, Black Umfolosi, Sheema Mukherjee, Sura Susso and The Rainbow Children’s choir.

CD available through contacting Sarah Patterson here.

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