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Photo Credit: Melanie Eclare

I am writing music which is medicine for the heart and I feel lucky and grateful to collaborate with wonderful musicians from around the world, bringing their unique creativity and perspective to these songs.


My work is inspired by my travels around the world. There are songs celebrating the earth and songs for spirit and healing.

In some of these tracks you will find fusions of Tibetan mantra and new compositions. I have been transformed by the meditations and the practices these come from. There are upbeat children’s songs featuring musicians from different countries in the world, which are fun to sing and dance to. You'll find a wonderful, broad, eclectic mix, since we are sharing a wonderfully diverse planet.


Yes, this music is about connection, feeling joy, inspiration and healing! 


For example, take a mantra like The Heart Sutra. I feel there are fields of energy created by thousands of people chanting for hundreds of years within that mantra, chanting with compassion and intention.


Singing The Heart Sutra opens up that energy easily for us to receive and offer the benefits of that energy. I love being able to move between simple compositions and rafts of harmonies in the songs inspired by the mantras and meditations.


I love singing with ‘Green Tara’ Buddha of the Wild and Green, the eco Tara on the ‘BuddhaSongs’ album. I love singing with The Twelfth Tara who calms natural disasters on ‘The Snow Leopard’ album and expressing our very humanly beautiful journeys through life. I love listening to the children singing with ‘Pachamama’ the earth on ‘Nandita’s Dream’. 

Thank you for being interested in this music. This site is a work in progress and we will continue to add new tracks regularly. 


I also offer retreats, voice development and Medicine Singer training at

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